Crib Bumpers: Go Mama Go Wonder Bumpers

When parents find out they are expecting, they are joyous, excited and ready to start shopping for the perfect nursery furniture, bedding and decorations. Unfortunately, that joy sometimes turns to stress when they realize there are so many option out there and sometimes it’s difficult to figure out which ones are the safest and best choices. The news has been buzzing lately with recalls and strong warnings about certain nursery products (like the recent one regarding infant sleep positioners).

Do you or did you use crib bumpers? If not, why not? If so, what type is the safest? What bedding is best? There are so many questions that need to be answered and you will get a lot of different answers, depending on who you ask. Recently, I was introduced to a new type of crib bumper called Wonder Bumpers from Go Mama Go Designs that I wish I had when the boys were infants. I was also happy to find out that these are the brainchild of another Texan and I love promoting good Texas businesses. The Wonder Bumpers cover the rails but there is still space between the rails for breathing. I am told that babies and toddlers also can’t step on them like traditional bumpers to get out of the crib. They are easy to remove and wash as well.

Check out founder Georgia Fiebrich on KEYE TV in Austin. It aired earlier this month and has information on the bumpers and crib safety. My boys are both still in cribs. Their cribs convert and we will be taking the front off soon. The cool thing about these Wonder Bumpers is that they are beautiful and perfect to keep on as a decoration and a comfy side even for toddlers. I love a product that you can use more than just a few months and that is rare with children’s bedding and items.

Here are the Wonder Bumpers in my youngest son’s room:

It’s hard to get a good shot as his room is pretty small. We have them on the brown side but there is a beautiful baby blue side as well. They are so easy to install. You just take the Wonder Bumpers out of the package and zip them on. As you can see from the photos, the zippers can easily be turned to the side and aren’t visible straight on. I just took this photo from the side so you could see the entire crib. At first, my toddlers would unzip them until I realized I needed to zip them from top to bottom and then tuck the zipper underneath. I haven’t had problems since I figured out that trick (there is a simple video on their website to show you how to put them on). They are really soft and comfortable. My boys both sleep balled up in the corners of their beds (even at ages two and three), so they enjoy the softness and don’t wake up with lines from the hard wood edges of the rails.

Here are some photos of us demonstrating how easy they are to apply to the crib (my youngest was trying to help in one photo):

And here they are in my older son’s room:

We alternated between two patterns and I love how it looks… matches his Winnie the Pooh theme quite well. Not only are these beautiful, but I am all for safer options. We took the bumpers that came with our crib bedding off as soon as our boys could move (which was only a few weeks) around. What a waste of  money for us. Something like this that lasts for several years is a great investment into safety, in my personal opinion.

Buy: Wonder Bumpers come in lots of designs and Go Mama Go also sells other crib bedding and accessories. Check them out at You can also follow Go Baby Go on Facebook at www.facebook/gomamagodesigns and Twitter (@GoMamaGoDesigns). Wonder Bumpers are available online and in stores.
Fine Print: I received Wonder Bumpers to try out (and keep) in my boys’ cribs. No other compensation was received and the opinions are my own. Please always do your own research to make sure an item is right for your family before making a purchase. This review is based only on my personal experience.