Pop On Pals: An Amusement Park In The House

Lately, the boys are getting more and more into imaginative play so I wanted to get them more toys that fed that new curiosity. I wasn’t sure which ones my little train loving boys would gravitate towards.

Recently, through my affiliation with Team Mom, I was offered the opportunity to try out a toy that promises to let little ones be anything they want to be. A fireman can become a musician, a princess becomes a baker, a puppy becomes a ballerina. I was happy to hear that they encourage imaginative play and help develop fine motor skills. The toy is called Pop On Pals from Spin Master. They are just that… a toy that lets you pop them on rides, in cars, on buses and even pop different arms and outfits onto them to change them into a different figurine. When we received the Pop On Pals Amusement Park Play Set, complete with roller coaster and Ferris Wheel, I knew it would be a hit with my boys. See this post to see why I was so sure.

Pop On Pals are geared towards children ages 2-4 (perfect us and our two and three year old). There are all sorts of combinations and kiddos just press down on the pal and pop on the mix and match rings. The parts are chunky and perfect for toddler hands. As soon as my first born son saw the box, he started running one of his little trains down the roller coaster while it was still in the box. He had no patience with me while I opened the toy (you know it takes awhile to open toys). Luckily, once I had wrangled it out of the packaging, assembly was a snap (literally). I just snapped on the end of the roller coaster and it was ready.

Finleypotamus had a blast playing with it alone with the little character that came with it. That is until his brother wanted to play at the same time. That is the one suggestion I have for improvement of this set. I would suggest that these big sets come with at least two Pop On Pals. The boys got into more than one fight that ended in tears because they both wanted to play with the Pal at the same time. It would be neat to have two so that one could play with the roller coaster while the other maneuvered the Ferris Wheel or another part of the Amusement Park. There are plenty to buy separately though, so if you buy this for siblings, I suggest buying the extras right off the bat.

These pictures tell the story better than I can so I’ll just let you see how much the boys enjoy Pop On Pals by showing you these:

I love that the coaster set is simple enough that they figure it out right away, but features lights, sounds and enough action and versatility that they don’t get bored easily. It’s a fun toy and I look forward to adding to our collection. In addition to the set we reviewed, there are also Pet Packs, Pal Packs, Ring Deluxe Ring Packs, 2 n’ 1 Vehicle Sets, Pop and Go Airplanes and Pop and Go School Buses.

Buy: Check out poponpals.com to find all of the retailers that currently sell Pop On Pals by Spin Master. They include Toys “R” Us, Target, Kmart, Sears and more.
Fine Print: We received the set in this post in exchange for our honest review from Pop On Pals through Team Mom. The opinions are my own.