My Chicken Fried Steak Outstandwich Won!

Good afternoon! How are you all doing? By now, you have probably had lunch and you’re now wondering what’s for dinner. Well, I may have an idea. I recently entered one of my favorite sandwich recipes in a contest hosted by Kraft over at Dee’s blog called Cocktails With Mom. I used to eat a tasty version of this sandwich at a local mom and pop eatery in the tiny town I grew up in.

I found out today that my recipe won. I am excited! The recipe is for a Chicken Fried Steak Sandwich (click the blue sandwich title to head on over to Dee’s blog for the recipe). It is really easy to make. In the recipe, you can use prepared chicken fried steak (if you are lucky to live in the south where it is in the freezer section) or make your own like I did when I prepared it last night. I just used Alton Brown’s recipe that I found while Googling and it couldn’t have been more simple.

My recipe, along with Dee’s Texas Style BBQ Beef and Shrimp Sandwich, will be featured on Kraft’s new website and I will receive a gift card for winning. I just wanted to share my good news and share an easy, local Texas recipe with my readers.

Have a great day!