Italian Made Inglesina Avio Stroller Review

My husband and I went to Italy for two weeks for our honeymoon. It was heavenly and a dream come true. We really enjoyed ourselves. People watching in Italy is so fun and we found ourselves swooning over the neat strollers and baby gadgets they have over there. We didn’t have children at the time, but I just loved the bright colors and innovative designs.

When I was invited to test out the new Inglesina Avio stroller made in Vicenza, Italy (Inglesina was founded in 1963 in Vicenza by Liviano Tomasi), I jumped right on that opportunity. I chose the light blue (which turned out to be a bright aqua that is quite pretty, but not light blue).

I will admit that I am missing the “put things together” gene, no matter how easy the item is to put together. Thank God for my husband. He put the Inglesina Avio together in less than 30 minutes the day we received it. He said the pictures were relatively easy to follow, however there were a few that he had to really study to figure out what to do. As soon as I heard, “Hon, it’s done!” from the other room, I ran in to see the finished product. I was impressed at the canopy and how large it seemed and the straps seemed like they would keep my wiggly toddlers in and safe. It’s definitely a beautiful stroller that will stand out in a crowd.

Although it was almost dark outside, we just had to take the boys on a quick walk to test it out. I was amazed at how lightweight the Avio was and we felt like it was gliding on air. It has plenty of room for my 2 1/2 year old, but I couldn’t believe the tight spaces I could maneuver it between (two cars parked quite close together). The next day we headed out to the outlet mall and that is when I fell in love with the Avio. I was able to steer it between clothing racks in children’s stores with ease. I didn’t have to lift and pull and jam my way through the store. This is a first. I always gripe and complain about how cluttered and hard to navigate those stores are and I didn’t have any issues. The handles flex together to help steer into those tight nooks and crannies and the stroller is narrow without compromising room for the child. The straps also did indeed keep my son in, but he looked so comfortable that he didn’t even try to get out!

Here is a quick video review I shot that shows how easy the Inglesina Avio is to use. I could even open the stroller while shooting the video with my other hand!


The Inglesina Avio was invented for the busy “supermom”. They kept in mind that mothers and parents have to navigate through crowds and shopping malls. They wanted to relieve mothers when they meet these obstacles. I loved this video that showed how the Avio was conceived, designed and put into production:

The stroller fits easily inside a car’s trunk with another stroller (at least it did in our case), a bunch of shopping bags and the boys’ backpacks and a few toys. Having a special needs son that is wobbly, but still likes to hold my hand and walk while we are out and about, I am super excited to have a stroller that almost feels like it is steering itself. I can maneuver it with one hand while the other is holding my son’s hand to help him practice his walking.

Buy: The Inglesina Avio went on sale earlier this month here in the US and can be purchased at for $499. Right now, if you purchase the stroller at and use the code AVIOFAST when checking out, you will get a free Inglesina Table Chair (regularly $49). The stroller comes in red, light blue, fuschia, lime, black and Navy blue.

Fine Print I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Inglesina and received an Avio stroller to facilitate this review.

Britax B-NIMBLE Lightweight Stroller Review

When I was pregnant with my first child, I didn’t know what I wanted or needed in a stroller so I went for a name brand and a fabric that matched my son’s Winnie the Pooh themed nursery.

The stroller worked out fine for awhile while my son was in a car seat, but I found myself wanting more features and realized that it is possible to buy one stroller that will last until a child is out of strollers. I didn’t realize at the time and kept having to upgrade as my children surpassed the weight limits. Many children outgrow strollers at the toddler stage, but special needs children sometimes need a stroller for longer amounts of time.

As I’ve mentioned before, my first born son started walking earlier this year when he was almost three years old after much therapy. He still has balance issues and tires easily. He has a stroller that is made for children up to 80 lbs. and is geared towards larger and special needs children. It was a wonderful gift to us awhile back and came at a time where we needed a stroller that held a child over 35 lbs. badly. It is perfect for him, but we now have two children over 35 lbs. and I only had one stroller that would hold that weight. The big special needs stroller is also a very large stroller, so I needed something very lightweight and small enough that both strollers could fit in the trunk. I looked all over for a stroller that was lightweight, had lots of features, reclined and held a larger child, but didn’t break the bank. That’s when I heard about the new Britax B-NIMBLE that was just released this fall.

When I read the product description of this Britax stroller, I was excited as it seemed to fit all of our needs. It is just 14 lbs. and includes all of these features:

  • Travel System compatible with other major infant car seat brands when used with included infant car seat adapter strap
  • Simple fold with automatic chassis lock
  • Large canopy with sun visor and peek-a-boo window
  • Removable/reversible seat liner pad
  • Parent storage pouch and large under-seat storage compartment
  • One step linked parking brake automatically locks when folding stroller
  • All wheel suspension system
  • Infinite recline positions
  • Shoulder carry strap
  • Included accessories: Adult cup holder, Rain cover, CLICK & GO BRITAX CHAPERONE infant car seat adapters, Adapter strap to be used with other major infant car seat brands
  • MSRP (USD) $199.99
Here is a video review of us setting up and using the Britax B-NIMBLE on a couple of shopping excursions over the last month with our sons:

First off, I love how lightweight it is and it folds so small that I can fit it in the trunk of a regular car with a much larger stroller and some groceries. That is a plus. I also love that it comes with a cup holder since many umbrella style strollers do not. And the hugest plus? The stroller can be used from birth until 55 lbs. That is fantastic! Not many umbrella strollers can be used for infants (with a carseat attached). I must say that $199.99 for a stroller than can go from birth until a child is out of strollers is pretty amazing. My husband loves that he doesn’t have to stoop over and I also love that it comes with accessories (like a rain cover) that you usually have to buy separately with other strollers. It is also a really smooth riding stroller.

I appreciate the fact that my sons can take naps in the stroller comfortably. Sometimes when we are stuck in the medical center waiting rooms at neurologist appointments (hours sometimes), my sweet son gets tired and I can lay him down in the Britax stroller and he can nap easily. The shade blocks out a lot of light as well. The basket underneath is the largest I have personally seen in a lightweight or umbrella style stroller. It is the lightest weight travel system compatible stroller available.

I have heard so many good things about Britax car seats, that I was curious to find out if their strollers were top notch as well. I can honestly say that, in my opinion, they are if the B-NIMBLE is any indication. Although this stroller isn’t geared specifically towards special needs children, I think that for many (depending on their specific needs), it would be an affordable alternative since many special needs strollers are thousands of dollars. Of course some special needs children might need more support or different features, but for children that just tire easily or are late to walk like my son it might work out perfectly like it did for us.

Lastly, I love the durability. My boys, especially my youngest, can be a bit rough. It has stood up to that. I love that the shade is soft and flexible but doesn’t droop. My youngest likes to “adjust” it himself sometimes and it doesn’t get bent out of shape.

Buy: The Britax B-NIMBLE can be purchased for an approximate retail value of $199.99 and retailers can be found here. The four available fabric styles coordinate with the 2010 Chaperone carseat styles, but other carseats can be used with it with adaptor.


Fine Print: We received a Britax B-NIMBLE stroller to review. No other compensation was received and the opinions are our own.