It’s Play Ball Time Here in Texas: Go D-Backs!

Challenger Little League

Pure Joy From My Little League Boy

Good afternoon! How are y’all doing? I thought I would check in and say hi. It has been a busy start to spring here in Texas. This past weekend was wonderful. My almost 5-year-old had his very first ever Little League Game. His father and I are beyond proud of him.

Safe On Base After A Hit

Safe On Base After A Hit

Playing The Outfield

Playing The Outfield

For those that don’t know his story, he has a rare syndrome and didn’t walk until he was almost three. We weren’t sure if he would ever be able to run and play like the other kiddos. I don’t think that smile ever left his face and he is definitely a natural. They don’t have practices (Challenger Little League), so this was his first time on the field. I took about 500 pictures and had a lot of trouble whittling them down. I already have plans to put them into a photo book like the ones I found at NPL – wedding photo books. I have a bad habit of taking tons of photos, but never printing them. I also have family members that don’t use the internet (an older generation) and a photo book would make their year. I would also love to make a photo book for him, because since he and his brother are both on the spectrum, he sees things in pictures and uses social stories and books to help him understand the world around him. I just had to share some photos of that day with y’all.

Challenger Baseball

Daddy Had Just Showed Him How To Put On His Glove

Running Bases

Running Bases With A Smile

Running Bases Player

Rounding The Bases

I was amazed at how quickly he took to the game. I may just have a pro ball player on my hands. Seriously though, he is a testament that hard work and determination (my two boys work harder for the little things in life than many adults do at their 9 to 5 jobs) can help you overcome many obstacles. People laugh at me for taking so many photos. I bombard my social media friends with them on a daily basis, but I wouldn’t change a thing. Looking back, I remember things that I had forgotten by looking at old photos. When our days are crazy and hectic, I don’t have time to write things down in a journal, but the photos I take tell a story that words just can’t.

So Proud Of His Team Mates

So Proud Of His Team Mates

So, my advice? Take photos often. Even if it is just with your cell phone (I take many that way).

This post is sponsored, but the real life events are true and I am beyond proud of my boy.


  1. SHANNON! That grin made me tear up!!! He looks so proud and happy and just like every ball-playin’ boy looks! Way to go Finley!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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