Caillou Doll and Learning Train Review

There are only a couple of channels that I let the boys watch on occasion, because I know there won’t be any inappropriate commercials or content. One of them is Sprout. One character that the boys particularly love is Caillou (this show also airs on PBS Kids). When I heard that there is now a toy line featuring the squeaky voiced, ever-curious preschooler, I knew the boys would be more than willing to check it out. My youngest even tries to say “Caillou” now (it comes out as “cow you”).

We received two items from the Caillou toy line. The first item was the Caillou Classic 14.5 inch Doll (for ages 3-5). He features a soft body and vinyl head, arms and feet. The other item was the Caillou Learning Train. All I had to hear was the word “train” and I knew they’d be all over that new toy. This toy is for ages 12 months and up and is a wind-up train that features both Caillou and his little sister Rosie. The siblings move up and down as the train chugs along.

Recently, we went on a weekend trip and I knew we would be in the hotel room a lot with the boys. I decided to pack the new Caillou toys and let them open them for the first time at the hotel. When we got there, I put the new play things in the corner behind a suitcase where I thought they’d safely hide until I was ready to present them to the boys. Wrong. About 10 minutes later, as I was making the boys a snack in the kitchenette, my youngest came in carrying the box with the Caillou Doll in it. As soon as he handed it to me, he ran back and got the box with the Caillou Learning Train. He said, “Thank you, Mom, good job!” which means he wanted me to open it right away (he is learning more and more words daily and doesn’t always use them correctly, but he gets his point across).

I quickly opened both toys and the boys were excited to see one was a train. They played and played with the train, taking turns putting Caillou and Rosie in their places and pushing it around the hotel room. When it was time for bed, my youngest grabbed Caillou (he’s never really had a doll that he liked that much) and laid him on our bed. He then prayed over him and tucked him into his own crib safe and sound. It was super adorable (as you can see in the photos). The boys still love these toys. I think they are very well made and the chunky size of the train pieces is not only perfect for toddlers and preschoolers, but the parts aren’t as easy to lose as some toys.

Honestly, I am highly impressed with these toys and can see us getting more of the pieces (such as the Caillou Bath Time Vehicle). You can tell a lot of thought and workmanship went into making quality toys that will withstand the rough and tumble play of preschoolers. I also appreciate that the toys aren’t annoyingly loud like many children’s toys are. They are simple, classic-style toys that both kids and parents can love.

Buy: From ID Toys, the Caillou line of toys is available at Toys”R”Us stores and The doll we reviewed sells for $29.99 and the Caillou Learning Train is $24.99 (both approximate retail prices).

The Caillou show is from Cookie Jar Entertainment.
Fine Print: We received the items mentioned in this post in exchange for our honest review through Team Mom. The opinions are our own.


  1. Tricia @Nightowlmama says:

    how cute. My preschoolers love Cailou Those are adorable

  2. My daughter LOVES, LOVES, LOVES, LOVES Caillou . . like obsessively loves him. I need to see if I can get her the doll for her birthday.

  3. Super cute. I love both of these toys. My nephew loves the doll!

  4. They are so cute. I think your kiddos would love them.

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